Barr Aquatic Systems

ULTRA Protein Skimmers:

New features include:

  • twist-lock flange instead of the thumbscrews for the collection cup.
  • Integral air filter and silencer.
  • Redesigned injector holder.
  • Ozone safe port on injector is standard (comes with a plug if not used).
  • CO2 port on base is standard (For the Calcium reactor effluent, comes with a plug if not used).
  • Redesigned bubble path for more contact time.
  • "Skimmer in a skimmer" mixing box for great mixing and low bubble escape
  • Bubble diffuser plate for better dispersion
  • Mounting points for dual air flow meters (included).

This is the largest production skimmer we make. It consists of dual Beckett heads, dual 30" x 2.5" mixing towers, a 5" coaxial internal column, and a big 8" main column. The box is made out of 3/8" bronze cast acrylic, and has a highly efficient internal baffle pattern for the best foam injection. If you have an extra large reef system, this is the skimmer for you.

The Beckett injector design creates a tremendous amount of foam by using an advanced venturi effect that is more powerful than any other venturi. This mixture of air and water is driven down the mixing tubes, though the unique baffles structure in the box and back up the main tube via a central 5" mixing chamber, which feeds a 4" deep-injection port topped with a dispersion plate. This tube is coaxially located within the main tube and extends up in to the main tube to force the air/water mixture deep in to the central column for an extremely long contact time. This gives a smoother transition, reduces disruptive turbulence and also greatly reduces the bubbles that the skimmer outputs though the gate valve. Note that "swirling" is neither necessary nor desired (See here).

This skimmer comes standard with "Banjo" quick disconnects on the input lines.

The unique baffle system internal to the box virtually eliminates the disruptive "burping" of air that many competing skimmers have.

Easy Maintenance- Twist lock flanges can be removed with a simple 15 degree turn, and are at all key points on the skimmer- Collection cup lid, neck, injection chamber and injection base (4 total). Key holes, thumb screws and captive O-rings are used on joints that are not normally taken apart for cleaning. No removing the pump line just to clean the cup! The pump does not even need to be shut down. Simply open the gate valve a full turn (or turn off the air valve), then remove the twist lock for cleaning. Replace the top and re-set the gate valve as before and you are done.

Easy to adjust. The high quality gate valve along with the John Guest ball valves allow precise adjustment. Dialing it in for high performance is quick and easy. The optional flow meters give you instant feed back as well, letting you keep track over time of how the skimmer is performing. They also give you an instant check of the skimmer- Low air flow indicates maintenance is needed on the pump or the injectors.

Suitable for very large systems or commercial accounts. Excellent for "fish rooms" and multi-tank systems. The Dual Injector designs will react faster to large changes in bio load, but require more pumping power. An Iwaki 100 is ideal for the duals, and an Iwaki 55 is great for the singles. If you are in the 1000+ gallon range, it may be best to use an Iwaki 100, or even dual Iwaki 70's.


  • Capacity: 500-1000+ gallons total water volume
  • Dual air flow meters
  • Twist-lock flanges, Key hole flanges, O-Ring seals.
  • Input: Dual 1" Female NPT with Dual 1" hose barb adapters included
  • SCH80 input fittings for extra strength
  • 2" NPT output
  • 2" Gate valve for ultra-fine water level control
  • Dual 1/4" Air inlet valve for precise air control to each Beckett injector
  • 1/2" Hose barb for collection cup (collection container or bucket required)
  • Clear Beckett injector cases for easy inspection
  • Heavy duty Cast acrylic and SCH80 PVC for a extremely long life.
  • Removable input tubes: Allows for easy changes and expansions.


  • SK8020: 36" high x 14" x 12", (300-600+ gallon systems)
  • SK8220: 48" high x 14" x 12", (300-800+ gallon systems)
  • SK8420: 72" high x 14" x 12", (300-1000+ gallon systems, lowest organics requirements)


  • Requires a pump that can put out 2000+ GPH such as dual Iwaki MD-70RLTs.
  • 1000+ gallon systems may need dual Iwaki MD-100RLTs or similar for best performance.