Barr Aquatic Systems


July 8, 2006: Treating with Flatworm Exit again, the little buggers are back. Doing a 90 gallon water change later today. Adding in one more bag of sand, after I siphon out some of the crud and the dead flatworms.

May 13, 2006: Tank looks good- some red slime on the sand, siphoning as needed. Tried to take some pictures but the scratches in the acrylic tended to ruin them. Some day I'll get bored enough to polish them out. Added some more frags from the meeting tonight- Pink Pocillapora, Green Hammer, and some Montiporas. Gave away lost of blue mushrooms, and some frags of my green/pink frog spawn. Also some generic SPS frags.

April 14, 2006: Added in another 45 pounds of live rock, removed the rest of the concrete rock to the sump. Tank is looking pretty good.

March 26, 2006: Big tank cleanup day, round two. Removed 40+ pounds of concrete based live rock. Cleaned the crusted coraline off the back of the tank, siphoned everything out. Moved the corals/rock to the other side, cleaned/siphoned it as well. Did a 50 gallon water change.

Put in four bags of "Sugar" sized sand (120 lbs.). I've had enough of the bare-bottom look. Bought/installed 47 pounds of new (cured) live rock from Aquatic Dreams. Set it up on the left/middle side of the tank. In a month or so I'll remove the remainder of the concrete based live rock and replace it with another 40+ pounds of new live rock. Tank is milky, skimmer is going nuts, fish are cranky, and I'm all wet. :)

March 18, 2006: Big tank cleanup day. Started by dosing 230 drops of Flatworm Exit, and siphoning the main tank. Pulled out about 1/3 of my eel grass bed in the sump, to make room for my surviving Ricordia and other mushrooms, which I moved down to the sump under the CF lighting. Blew out the rocks, and siphoned again. After an hour I added in the carbon, and did a 25% water change.

Added a dual 96 watt CF Coralife light over the 120. It's 36" long, and fits between the overflow boxes, behind the main lights. It's well built (aluminum) and looks/works fine.

March 18, 2006: Big tank cleanup day. Started by dosing 230 drops of Flatworm Exit, and siphoning the main tank. Pulled out about 1/3 of my eel grass bed in the sump, to make room for my surviving Ricordia and other mushrooms, which I moved down to the sump under the CF lighting. Blew out the rocks, and siphoned again. After an hour I added in the carbon, and did a 25% water change.

On the 25g tank (quarantine tank) I did a 18 gallon water change.

I have a 110W dual CF fixture on the way from Hello Lights which I'll add to the main tank. Eventually I'll add another 250 HQI as well, when funds allow.

Ca was 450, Alk was 9.2.

March 11, 2006: Cleaned up the quarantine tank- Pulled out handfuls of hair algae, cleaned the filter pad and scrubbed the glass. Water change coming for it next weekend.

March 5, 2006: Ran out of CO2 on the 20 lb tank. I refilled the 10 lb tank on Thursday. Once the pressure drops below 500psi or so (when the gauge starts moving), it goes empty fast. In my case, I had about a week or so before it went dry. Saturday morning the pressure had gotten so low that it was streaming CO2 directly in to the tank. Micro-bubbles everywhere as it was back-feeding in to the main pump and being blown up to the main tank. pH was at 8.0, which is a touch low, but not bad. I hate it that the regulators fail open when the pressure gets too low. Replaced the 20 with the 10 pounder, and all is well.

February 4, 2006: Did several 50+ gallon water changes over the last few weeks. My CA and Alk. got out of whack, so I'm trying to get them back in the game.

November 5, 2005: Did a 90 gallon water change on the main tank. Alk. is 9.1, Ca is low at 300 PPM. I ran out of CACL so can't raise it without raising the Alk. as well, which I don't want to do. Frags look great. Initially they went brown, but have since colored back up. Despite the low calcium levels, things are growing well. One overflow box is not flowing well. I removed the elbow in the tank and cleaned it out. There was a partial obstruction from the air line going down the hose that I clear out (calcified up in there). Put it all back together and now it is worse. Checked the other end and it was clear, I suspect a blockage mid-hose where there is a couple. New lesson- Use flex line only, and no fittings to prevent blockages on your drain lines. I'll try to ream it though with a fish-tape later today maybe. Next tank will have overflows off the end where I can get to them easily, and replace the entire hose if needed.

October 30, 2005: Added 11 frags from JP. Some nice tri-color, a blue acro, and a pink Montipora. Lowered light a little. JP measured the light levels and I set the frags so they would receive the same light as they had in his tank.

October 1, 2005: Calcium levels are a little low- 375 ppm, Alk is 8.8. Temp. is 78 degrees (still have not replaced the missing 250w heater). I added a 250W Ushio HQI MH light yesterday- Greatly brighter than the VHO that I had.Remember that I had removed two of the four 110W VHO bulbs to light the wall mounted frag tanks. I'll add another 250W one as funds become available. I also added a retrofit compact florescent kit to the Eclipse hood over the 25. The existing lights had failed a while ago, and I was using an external light just so it was not dark in the tank. The kit installed very easily, and works great. It is a 16" Jalli 36 watt unit, with one bulb that is half blue and half daylight. Not exceedingly bright, but plenty for two gobies and some macros.

September 22, 2005: Did a water change on the 25 gallon tank- about 15 gallons. The two watchman gobies are doing well, but are still faded- not the bright yellow they should be. I'll need to find some different food for them to see if it helps. Changed out about 60 gallons in the big system. I've gotten tired of the bare-bottom look, so will be putting sand back in to the system. Ricordia are not happy- Some have bleached out. Overall the tank looks worse than it did with a "failing" sand bed. I'm going back to my original plan, use a sand bed but replace 1/4 of it each year. Third Via-Aqua heater failed- The one in the stock tank (300 watts) is stuck off. If I whack it hard enough it lights on for a fraction of a second, then goes off again. So I've got one 300W that is stuck on, and one that is stuck off, plus a 250 stuck on. I'm looking for a new brand of titanium heater now. I changed the calcium reactor setup a little- the pH probe is now in the PHB (effluent stream) and the controller is adjusted to maintain a pH of 6.5-6.6. It turns off when the pH is below 6.5 and turns on when it gets above 6.6. If I want more calcium in the tank, I just turn the dial a little to lower the pH set point. The only down side is that I'm no longer monitoring the pH in the sump, which was nice to know. But since it rarely changed off of 8.2 anymore, I can live with that. I can still drop the probe in the sump for a minute to check the pH once in a while.

August 7, 2005: Getting some nuisance algae in the hang on wall tanks- Bulbs are old and need to be replaced. Will do a water change in a few days. Reactor running steady at 110 ml/min, and 60 Bubbles per minute at the regulator. Have to tweak the flow rate every 3-4 weeks, as it slowly creeps down to 80 ml/min.

July 3, 2005: Tank is running well- SK5220 is really keeping the water clear. I use a magnet to clean the front every week or two is all. Think I got the CO2 tank sealed this time- Went a little tighter on the regulator threads to the tank. Reactor is keeping steady at 100ml/min, and about 80 small bubbles per minute (CO2 Reg. bubble counter). Tanks is 9.2 dKh, 440 PPM CA., 8.1 pH., 68 degrees. Still need to replace the heater that broke, but can't decide on which brand to replace it with. Bi-color Blenny found dead in front of the rock. No markings, not too thin, no torn fins, nothing to indicate why. :(

June 25, 2005: Siphoned frag tanks- Lots of waste accumulated. Cleaned frag tank fronts- They seam to grow algae, where the main tank does not.

May 20, 2005: Ran out of CO2 again- Removed 10 lb. tank, added 20 lb. tank. Massive water change/siphon of all tanks. About 60 gallons changed, but tons of detritus had collected in the frag tanks, and under the rock. Siphoned for hours. Getting some algae growth on rocks in frag tanks, but not in the main tank. Not sure if it is light spectrum related, flow related, or because I don't have algae eating fish in the frag tanks. Annoying though. Refilled CO2 reactor with media. New skimmer is running strong. Flat worms are back. Arrrrggg... Turtle grass is growing great in the refuge/sump. Still pruning out the Caulerpa as I find it.

April 30, 2005: Replaced my SK5200 with a SK5220. Flow meters and new water flow in the new design is very nice. Pictures on my Super Skimmer page.

April 14, 2005: Will be switching out my SK5200 skimmer soon for a SK5220. Top-off still broken. No sign of flat worms, corals growing well.

April 9, 2005: 15 gallon water change to the quarantine tank. Still have two watchmen gobies in there. I'm afraid if I transfer them to the main tank they won't get enough to eat, as they are very shy.

March 19, 2005: Auto-top off float switch/solenoid popped the GFCI outlet. Won't stay on so I suspect the wires going in to the float have shorted. I'm on manual top-off until I can replace it with a more robust double float-switch system. It had been getting stuck every few months anyway due to calcium buildup or a suicidal snail. Cleaned CA reactor input- The JG fitting where the water comes in calcified up and started blocking the water flow. Pulled the fitting and used a wire to clean the port. Works great now.

February 16, 2005: Yep, pH probe is shot. I called Milwaukee Customer Support at 877-283-7837 and they were very helpful. I calibrated the probe at 7.0, then they had me drop it in to a container of "Windex with Ammonia". The controller should have shot up to read a pH of 12 or so, but it capped at 9.1, indicating a bad probe. Good test to know. I now have no idea what the pH of my tank is. I recalibrated my Hanna probe, but it is reading funny too, so not sure what it is doing. Just ran down stairs to test the Hanna probe, it fails the Ammonia test too. I have a new probe on order, should have it in a few days. I'll run a titration test tomorrow to see where the tank is. Glad I did not start dosing to raise the pH. Bristle worms came back to life after adding carbon- May have just been stunned.

February 15, 2005: Added Carbon to tank- Dead bristle worms showing up on bottom of tank. Replaced 10 lbs CO2 tank with 20lbs tank, that has 17.7 lbs in it at this point. Last tank did not last long- I am wondering if it vented on me somehow. First 10 lbs tank ran from 4/26 to 11/8. Refill ran until 2/15, only three months. Tank did not run dry, but got down to 200psi which is almost empty. pH probe appears to be shot- Could not calibrate it at 10.01, it would not read over 9.1. Backup Hanna probe calibrated fine. Tank pH still low- 7.8 tonight at 10:00pm. New makeup water that has been sitting for two weeks is 7.7. Going to have to research raising pH. Been running new Kalk reactor 24/7 since 2/12 to test new wear plate.

February 13, 2005: Treated with Flatworm Exit again- Used whole bottle this time, plus remainder of second bottle (330 drops or so). Looks like they got knocked down pretty well. Did not run carbon. Running low on CO2. Tank pH is low- 7.8 to 8.0.

January 22, 2005: Treated with Flatworm Exit- Took most of the bottle. 90 gallon water change, Big bag of carbon added. Everything looks fine still. Great product- Ricordias, RBTA, SPS, LPS, everything looks fine. Siphoned out bottom of tank, and frag tanks. Took out what seams like a bunch of sand that the rock leaked out, plus lots of dead flatworms. Ricordias is coloring up nicely. Brown has turned blue, reds are getting brighter and have tiny metallic green flecks. I got some LED flashlights from Costco, and they really make the colors nice. I'm playing with my camera to get pictures, but don't have a lens that will let me get close enough. Added a new Kalk reactor- KR1220, with the twist off lids, and stronger magnet linkup. Working very nice, and looks very sleek.

Tank parameters: pH: 8.1, Reactor- 1.2 GPH, 24 bubbles per second (running a little low, tweaked it up some). Mag.: 1500

Added a flow meter several weeks ago to the probe holder box- Very nice to know at a glance what the flow rate is though the Calcium reactor.

January 15, 2005: Noticed red flatworms in the wall frag tanks. I had them in the quarantine tank around last March, found two days after I removed two fish and transferred them to the main system. I treated that tank in April, and have not seen them since.

January 8, 2005: Lowered the lights over the wall hanging frag tanks- Things are looking nice in there. Some algae on the rocks still.

December 18, 2004: 70 gallon Water change- Siphoned everything, blew off the rocks, pulled macro algae from the sump. Pulled some rocks from the sump that had too much algae on them, and put them in the stock tank (in the dark). I'll let them soak there for a while, so the algae can die off.

December 4, 2004: 50 gallon Water change. Filled second chamber of reactor with ARM media.

October 31, 2004: Tank Stats: pH = 8.3, Calcium: 425, Alkalinity= 9.5dKh (3.37 Meq/l). Added a new product to my tank to test- It is a CO2 probe/intake/outlet holder. It works like this- There is a pickup tube with a foam filter, that mates to a JG speed-fit connector. Then the other end of the JG attaches to the line going to the reactor. The output from the reactor attaches to a second JG fitting, in the lid. This drops the effluent in to a chamber that can hold media like Phosgard, Rowaphos, carbon, or even more CA reactor media to make it a triple chamber reactor. It then flows though a bank of mesh ports, in the last chamber where a standard pH probe can be used. It then overflows that chamber though a final JG fitting, which drops the water in to the sump. The unit attaches to any glass or acrylic tank. Available soon.

October 19, 2004: Tank Stats: pH = 8.3, Calcium: 425, Alkalinity= 9.2dKh (3.25 Meq/l). Reactor stats: pH out of second chamber- 6.9, 78ml per minute, at 33 bubbles per minute (Big bubble counter). Have not touched the settings for two weeks. They did drift a touch, but as the parameters are still fine, I'm going to see how long I can go without tweaking it.

One of the Percs has disappeared on me. No sign of her at this point. The last scissor tail goby took a ride down the overflow a month or so ago, and is doing great in the refuge. Not much of a chance of netting him out. If I want him out I'll have to trap him. The Rose anemone is doing well. Fed it six out of the last seven days, which is a record. Normally after a few days it goes on a wandering spree and I can't find it for a week or two.

The Ricordia on the shelf added 9/3 are doing great- Growing faster and adding more color. I've been target feeding them a little more lately. The Frog spawn LPS is doing good too- it gets fed pieces of clam when I feed the Anemone, and the occasional Mysis treat too.

Other pictures: Cap, Ricordia1, Ricorda2.

October 2, 2004: Tank Stats: pH = 8.3, Calcium: 425, Alkalinity= 9.5dKh (3.37 Meq/l). Reactor stats: pH out of second chamber- 6.9, Alk: 18.2 dKh, 100ml per minute, at 35 bubbles per minute (Big bubble counter).

September 25, 2004: Cleaned out the Calcium reactor- Dumped the media in a bucket with new media and rinsed it until clean, added back to the chambers. First chamber is full, second chamber is half full as I ran out of media.

September 19, 2004: Tank Stats: Salinity= 1.0235, pH = 8.3, Calcium: 450, Alkalinity= 12.5dKh (4.46 Meq/l). As you can tell, I cranked up the calcium reactor a little. It raised my calcium from 375 to 450 in one week. Reactor stats: Output pH=6.5, Output Calcium: 585, Output Alkalinity=17dKh (6.05 Meq/l). CO2 Rate: 105 bubbles per minute, Output rate: 80ml/minute. I've gone though about 1/2 a tube of media in the first chamber (3.75 pounds), and 1/6th of a tube in the second chamber(1.25 pounds). I'll need to top off the chambers soon. Reactor has been on the system for four months.

September 11, 2004: 50 gallon water change on the main tank. 10 gallon change on the quarantine tank. Another 3 gallons of sand removed. Pre-water change stats: pH=8.4, Alk=9.2, Ca=375. Added 1/3 cup of CaCl raise Calcium levels. Adjusted Calcium reactor CO2 up a little.

September 3, 2004: Added a 6"x48" egg-crate shelf to the frag tank about 6" below the water level in the back. Moved all the Ricordia up to it. More room for them, and more light.

August 28, 2004: 50 gallon water change on the main tank. Watchman gobies are still in quarantine, but looking good. One is almost all white (larger one). Suspect that it might be related to mating, but information is scarce. Removed 5 gallons of sand from the main tank.

July 20, 2004: Installed SK5200 on main system.

July 17, 2004: 50 gallon water change on the main tank. Removed 2.5 gallons of sand from the main tank, total of 5 gallons out so far.

June 19, 2004: 15 gallon water change on the quarantine tank. Picked up a mated pair of Yellow Watchman Gobies. Put them in the quarantine tank, which is doing well with some macros and lots of amphipods. CA Reactor is keeping the CA at 425 with no effort. Working on a SK5200 for my main system, running skimmer-less for now to gauge the difference.

June 5, 2004: 50 gallon water change on the main tank. One of the Scissor-tail gobies is MIA. Not sure if the RBTA got him or not.

May 9, 2004: Replaced the Sequence StingRay with a Sequence 5600. Significantly quieter. I did notice that even the new Sequence was quieter when it was on my bench, compared to under my stand, even when running dry both places. After some testing, I determined that my pump location amplifies the sound. I may remote the pump to behind the wall of my fish room (in the furnace room) some day to make it even quieter. For now, it is fine.

Did a 50 gallon water change too. Alk=2.75 meq/l, CA=450ppm. Removed a 1/2 bucket of DSB.
Cleaned the Kalk reactor and added about 1 cup of Kalk.
Still have not moved the Scissor-tail gobies. Disturbed the tank too much, maybe next weekend.
RBTA on the move again.

May 6, 2004: Installed a brand new CR1200 on my system. CA=500ppm, Alk=2.5 meq/l, so we'll see if it maintains it. I have not been adding CaCL for almost two weeks, but the Kalk reactor has been holding the CA up I guess. It will be hard to tell if the new reactor helps. It is already dialed in to put out Ca=550pm, and Alk=3.5 meq/l, so it should help keep the Alk up.

Stingray pump is still too loud- Vibrates the walls even. I'll be replacing it with a new Sequence 5600 tomorrow if all goes well.

RBTA hid for 4 days, finally found it and fed it. Looks happy, wish it would settle down though.

Ordered Nikon D-70 with 18-70 lens plus 256mb Ultra Flash. Very excited, have been wanting/waiting to upgrade to a DLSR for years.

May 1, 2004: Pulled my skimmer to remanufacture it. Rework did not work well, will go skimmerless until my new SK6000 skimmer redesign is done.

April 21, 2004: Replaced the Sequence 3600 (1/12 HP) with a Sequence Stingray (1/4 HP). Replumbed the system with dual union gate valves. Only overflowed the tank once (and there was that time the 1" hose flopped out of the tank and drained 5 gallons in about as many seconds.) The Stingray is certainly louder too. I'm not going to be happy with the noise I'm sure. I may look into trading it for another 3600 and running dual, smaller pumps. I got the Stingray so it would be powerful enough to pump up to a display tank on the main floor in the future.

Another idea would be to remote the pump though the wall in to the furnace room. Then I could not hear it as bad in the fish room, but that would require more valves and all.

The Rose BTA is doing well- It hiked behind the rocks and has been having a great time crawling around poking its tentacles though holes in the rocks. It has settled near the top of the tank, peeking though a hole in a flat rock for now. Hopefully when it acclimates to the light better, it will poke up though the hole more.

Did a 50 gallon water change today. No it was not an accident due to the aforementioned overflows, I meant to do a water change today.

I'll move the two scissor-tail gobies in to the main tank tomorrow. They look great, and are eating great. In fact my quarantine tank is looking awesome now. I'll have to get another fish or two in it to keep it running well.

March 25, 2003: Bought a Rose Bubble-Tip Anemone yesterday from Aquatic Dreams. It is still settling down, but is looking good already. It is tucked in to some rocks now, I hope it will attach to the big one and stay put (Not much chance of that, but I can hope. :) )

Got back the Sequence pump last week- No charge for the repair. They replaced the front bearing, even though it did not look bad. A protective part called the "slinger" around the shaft had disintegrated, causing the small pile of rubber parts. The slinger's job is to fling water off of the shaft if it should get splashed. Not a problem in my setup, as it is pretty well protected. They test ran the pump measuring noise, flow and amp draw and it all looks good. I'll put it back in to service this weekend and move the LG4 back over to the skimmer and sump test platform.

Rose BTA

March 18, 2003: Removed the pathetic single Xenia from the Quarantine tank. Not enough lights or nutrients for it, so back in to the sump it goes. Macro's are doing great in the tank, as are the snails and the single hermit crab.

March 13, 2003: Bought two scissor tail Gobies (Aquatic Dreams)- Very nice. They are in the quarantine tank, and will stay there for 4-6 weeks. Adding 6 Tablespoons of Baking Power a day to maintain Alk. At 3.5 to 4 meq/l, six Tablespoons of CaCL to maintain Calcium at 400-425.

March 7, 2003: CA=425, Alk=3.5 Meg/l, Salinity=1.025. Bought a cubic foot of DI resin, and changed over to it. Works great, and far cheaper than buying individual cartridges. Adding 6 Tablespoons of Baking Power a day to maintain Alk., three Tablespoons of CaCL to maintain Calcium. Kalk reactor is being tested as a Alk. Reactor, so has no Kalk in it. Fed Mysis to the Ricordias.

March 1, 2003: 50 Gallon water change. Frog-spawn is looking pale, keeping an eye on things. Cleaned the skimmer. Pheew! Quarantine tank looks great- Macros growing well. Dropped in some SPS frags, and some Zenia as "health" indicators. Cleaned Kalk reactor- Out of Kalk, so using it to dose Baking powder for now.

February 25, 2003: Quarantine tank is looking pretty sad- Cyno all over the place, so tore it down, cleaned it, and set it up again. Guess it crashed when I removed the 3 fish. No new fish until it can cycle again. Restarted it with 1" of dary, washed sand from an old tank. Seeded it with a cup of sand from my fuge, and some green spaghetti and red branching macros. Small snails hitchhiked in on the macros. Added one blue-legged hermit crab to help on clean up. Added timer to Auto top-off solenoid so it can't stay on too long. Dialed in so if the float gets stuck (again) it will takes days to raise the water level more than an inch or two.

February 15, 2003: Removed the Sequence 3600 pump- It blew the front bearing. Sending it back to the manuf. Installed the LG 4 again, is working fine. Added in Purple Tang, False Percula and Lawnmower Blenny.

January 10, 2003: Bought a nice looking small Purple Tang, small false Percula, and a Lawnmower Blenny. Set them up in the Quarantine tank, which will be their new home for 4-6 weeks.

November 24, 2003: LG 4MDQSC seized on me some time last night. Tank level was down, and was at 74 degrees. Sump was at 80, as that is where the heaters are. I replaced it with the Sequence 3600 again, and let it mix up the water. The water averaged at 76 degrees, and both heaters kicked on to start bringing it back to 80.5. Inspection of the pump shows that it had built up calcium around the magnet. My additions of Baking power and Baking soda, as well as calcium chloride may be exacerbating the problem. New pump is running fine.

November 16, 2003: Did another 75 gallon water change. Returned all the small Xenia I had to Aquatic Dreams. I still have a ton of the large pom-pom Xenia, but I was tired of the smaller stuff spreading. Still adding Baking soda/Baking powder and Calcium-Chloride to raise the alk and Ca. Currently at 4.0 meq/l Alk, and 400ppm Ca. Setup original SK5000 prototype again.

October 28, 2003: Replaced the Sequence 3600 with the LG4 again. Will be trading in the Sequence and getting an Iwaki 100 I think.

October 21, 2003: Replaced the Little Giant 4MDQSCX with a Sequence 3600. Very quite pump, but only a little but more kick than the LG4. Not really strong enough to run the SK5000 skimmer and the frag tank return. Would be great alone as a tank return. I should have read the flow charts better. Looking in to trading it to the LFS for a larger pump.

October 11, 2003: Another 80 gallon water change. Have low Alkalinity, so am adding baking soda/baking power to bring it up. A little goes a long ways. Cyno is hanging on. :(

October 4, 2003: The long Xenia was getting out of hand, so I cut a double head off, rubber-banded it to a rock, and placed it in the sump. The main colony had grown up to the rock above it, so I move that rock off and placed it on the sand to help contain it better. I now have 4 large heads, and several small heads from a frag of one head I got in August. I moved the Ricordias around to get them off of the sand an on to the rock.

My yellow watchman goby passed away late last week. No visible cause, stomach looked fine. No predator marks on him, and has he was almost the sole occupant of the sump, no predators around that could hassle him. I had him since November '02. :(

My green Mithrax crab shed its shell late last week too. First time I have found an empty shell, still have not seen the crab again yet.

Still getting a touch of red cyno on the sand, next to the rocks. The two queen Conchs are doing a good job on it, and I have cut back on feeding. Making up more water for a change next week too.

September 27, 2003: Did a water change on the big system today. Due to low water flow on one side of the frag tank, I was getting some red and green cyno. sp. For the first time, I took the hose and vacuumed the surface, removing about 10 gallons of water, and a gallon of sand. Then I drained out another 40 gallons and refilled with the fresh RO/DI and Red Sea mixture, at 1.026 and 80 degrees. I moved all the Ricordia up on the rocks, to get them off of the sand. The dark red ones are looking great, and the green/purple is looking good too. The other blues and greens are fine, but are not as striking as the red ones.

I pulled a bunch of Feather Caulerpa out of the sump and tossed it.

Added a Mag 2 to give more water flow in the Frag tank. I'm waiting on a Sequence 2900 that has been on order for over a week. It should be here soon, then I'll replace the LG 4MDQSC with the Sequence, and get more water flow to the skimmer, as well as to the frag tank.

Cleaned the skimmer too. Emptied about 1.25 gallons of sludge from the waste collector. Had to go outside and work in the garden until the smell cleared. :(

Current tank setups:

90 Gallon sump/refugium: Contains about 9 types of macro algae, including Feather Caulerpa (Caulerpa taxifolia), Halimeda, a green sea-grass, green spaghetti (Chaetomorpha sp.?), turtle grass, a red/brown dense branching algae, some small leafy red algae, etc. More details and scientific names for them when I get a chance.

Denizens (month/year introduced): 8 small hermit crabs('01), one emerald crab(8/02), Yellow watchman Goby(12/02), Rainsford goby(10/03), tons of snails, up to 3/8" long and multiplying. A mass of short-stalk Xenia that I grow out for local frag swaps.

120 Gallon frag tank: This is plumbed above the sump, and overflows in to the sump.

Fish: Scissor-tail goby(3/03), Bar goby(4/03), Unknown bar-type goby(5/02), Bi-color Blenny(8/02), Rabbit fish(7/03), False Percula('01).

Corals: Two small types of branching acropora, a large and small start of a green/pink-tipped frog-spawn, Brown Capricornius, and a nice slow-growing Pink Capricornius. One 5" and one 2" toad-stool leather. A large mass of the long-stalked Xenia.

Corallimorpharians: Too many to mention! They are my current pet project.

10 gallon quarantine tank: I quarantine all my fish for 4 weeks before introducing them to the main tank. This allows me to get them used to my preferred foods, and to make sure they are not diseased/stressed when they go in the display system.

25 Gallon Eclipse system: Cleaned out and dry. I got tired of maintaining another tank, and without a protein skimmer for 3 years, it was hard to keep clean. The macros had died way back, and were no longer keeping up with the waste production. All denizens move to the sump/frag tank in late August '03.

200+ gallon display tank: Still in the planning stages. If I ever catch up on orders, I might make some progress, but I can't see spending any time building my own systems when customers are waiting.

Thursday, September 25, 2003:

I made up 80 gallons of RO/DI water last week, and added a half bucket of Red Sea salt I found on sale for $29 at Petco. I picked up two buckets at that price. I had tried Kent two water changes ago, and it took days to clear, and left a lot of residue in the 100g stock tank I use for water storage/mixing. The Red Sea left no residue, and was clear pretty fast. I'll be giving the Kent salt away soon. The water is at temp (80) and salinity (1.026) and ready for a water change when I get time. I will probably change about 60 gallons in the main system, and 9 gallons in the 10 gallon quarantine tank. I may setup the 25 gallon tank I took down last month as another quarantine tank, and dry out the 10 gallon tank.

Tuesday, September 23, 2003:

Got in a shipment from of nice Ricordia at 9:00am. I acclimated them for 30 minutes, then placed them in the bottom of the frag tank. One polyp got cut in shipping, but the rest look good. There are three red ones, and some nice dark blue, and bright green ones. And one with a hint of purple on it. They came in with a snail, and what looked like a small Whelk. Those both got put in to the 10g quarantine tank until I can ID them. The rocks have a nice red feather duster on one, and what looks like some muscles on another. More pictures when I get a chance.