Based in Chicago, Illinois, CCI organizes academic year, short term homestay, internship, work & travel, language study, environmental and volunteer programs in the United States and in over thirty different countries around the world. CCI is a non-profit organization, recognized by the United States Department of State as an official exchange visitor program. CCI is granted full listing by the Council on Standards for International Educational Travel (CSIET).   CCI is also a full member of the Federation of International Youth Travel Organizations (FIYTO).

A philosophy which supports the preservation of, and respect for the environment is integrated into all facets of our business. Through our work with the Greenheart initiative -- a global movement that represents the evolution of a natural, human and ecological consciousness –- projects and activities such as world-wide student exchanges, the study group Ibiza Ecologic, the model ecological center at Casita Verde in Ibiza, the Greenheart Music company, the Greenheart Guide to Ibiza and Formentera and the Permaculture movement in Ibiza are carried out. We continually strive to encourage all of our program participants to become involved in some type of environmentally-related volunteer project or simply to raise their awareness about the state of our global environment.

Large enough to implement new ideas and be recognized as a strong, mid-size leader in the exchange industry, CCI is still small enough to maintain the individual attention to students, families and schools that we feel is so important to successful cultural exchange. Our highly experienced national and regional office staff support a network of Area Representatives throughout the United States.